Smart Playground

Launch: August 2019
Price: Free
Rating: 5.0

1. Pick a pair is a card game with different images. After turning the card, look for her pair. This game evolve memory and concentration.
2. Shapes. Move the correct shape to the right place. This game is designed to raise the concentration of children.
3. Airplane. Choose a pet. Put it on the plane and popup the balloons with the right color or the right letter. This fun game will certainly attract everyone and also provide knowledge of colors and alphabets.
4. The Puzzle contains images torn apart into pieces that you have to put together again. This famous game helps to improve concentration.
5. Shopping. Animals have to buy pastry, ice cream, fruits, vegetables and toys according to the shopping list, and pay for it to hippo cashier. It’s fun and improves the concentration of children.
6. Mosaic. Create a picture based on the model. (Include all letters and numbers from 1 to 10).
7. Painting improves imagination and is also fun. Paint a picture, frame it and show it to your mummy.
8. Connect Dots to reveal and cute pictures. Provides knowledge of numbers and alphabets.
9. Numbers. With this numerical game learn to count birds, giraffes, sweets and much more. This game teach kids to count from 1 to 10.
10. Slider game. Build a picture based on a sliding puzzle game. Each variant has 2 difficulty levels: 3×3, 4×4.